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Turbulence Ltd was created in Bequia, across from the vegetable market in 1992, by a passionate couple who enjoy sailing. What could be more encouraging than to see your work going all around the world! Many of our customers have been repeat round-the-world cruisers. They understand the need for the work to be done right because you don’t have a second chance at sea. They also appreciate that little edge that makes you go faster to avoid that nasty incoming weather.


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Best of luck to all Route du Rhum participants!


Spice Island Marine
Prickly Bay
St. George
Grenada, W.I.
Grenada Marine
St. David
Grenada, W.I
Port Louis
St. George
Grenada, W.I.
Tel/fax:    1 473 439 4495 (Spice Island Marine)
Tel/fax:    1 473 443 2517 (Grenada Marine)
Tel/fax:    1 473 435 9585 (Port Louis)
Email:       turbsail@spiceisle.com
Skype:     turbsail 3346

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1 473 439 4495
Email: turbsail@spiceisle.com
turbsail 3346

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